Isn't she lovely? (Ah!, e ele também se ajeita bem.)

What Me Worry?, St. Vincent com Andrew Bird

[Por falar em Andrew Bird, parece que o rapaz andou por aí - com Annie Clark nas primeiras partes - a tocar uma nova música: Lusitania]

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Olavo Lüpia, 24.10.09 | Referências |


  • At 27 outubro, 2009 16:31, Blogger Miguel

    "ele tambem se ajeita bem"? ele merece mais que isso!
    vá, estão em no mesmo grau de circunstancia!

    e que gutiarra e musica bonita

  • At 27 outubro, 2009 19:14, Blogger Olavo Lüpia

    Quanto ao 'machado', uma Fender Jaguar:

    »That’s a weird Frankenstein Jaguar that I found at this place in Tucson. I managed to find that guitar for like $200, and I think it’s Japanese, which is probably a rip-off. It’s kind of a monster of a guitar. Somebody did this really wonky job putting in new pickups. So some of the wiring and knobs don’t even work. It’s a guitar I don’t mind abusing, or being really brutal with. Not because I didn’t pay a lot for it, that’s the nature of that guitar. It just wants to be beat up.» - Annie Clark.