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Love & Cows - Old Jerusalem
"The Temple Bell" (2007)

«We fabricate the concepts but fundamentally fail to connect
We find awkward our true feelings and give them shapes more 'politically correct'
Like when you are bored of me and you won´t take another night
Becomes “we are not communicating, something isn´t right”
Well, it is, that is just the way things are
The end of love sometimes find us sobbing in the car

I have always been a mama’s boy, I can´t cook a meal to save me
With the clothes, I don´t know what is what and my algebra betrays me
When it´s time to add up to the month’s expenses
When it came to money you were always the one wearing the pants, here
In my hands, though economically trained, money tends to disappear
But the pile of CD's grows proportionately
Same with the books on the shelves, placed like we like them carelessly.

Girl, sometimes you’re a drag, but I see now how sometimes you can´t surrender
Yes, it was me, some friends, including that girl that you don´t like to remember
We had fun, we caught the sundown at the pier
Later we went out and by then the talking made it clear
I was wrong, I might have induced a mistake
But there was nothing we could do, it was too late

I´m growing old, they tell me that my belly´s getting fat
It´s good to hear you say you don´t see it all like that
I too think that my belly is just fine
There´s something wrong with these times, people waste way too much time
Pumping iron or running ‘round in gyms
Trying desperately to keep young, to be beautiful and thin

I follow the directions as they come, I don´t do that to annoy ya
And you see today how it was then for me, since now you too have myopia
It´s not easy to wake up and see a blur
And I know that you were mad, but these things they may occur
I was careful, I just didn´t see the cow
It just broke one of it´s horns anyhow
Plus, who’d think of leaving that thing on the floor?...
My arguing annoys you even more
Still, we end up making love, because when "Love & Cows" are mentioned
That thing we know inside our minds grabs hold of our attention
And our minds and bodies just sensually click
I fall between your boobs and you on my dick»

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